Organisation and workgroups in Neo

To manage the collaboration between the different Departments based in Neo, there are several groups responsible for different information and decisions.

Neo steering group

The steering group deals with overall issues regarding the Neo building such as infrastructure, economy and policy that breaches across departments.
We use an alternate chairmanship.

Eric Westman, NVS, Professor, Division of Clinical geriatrics (Chair from 31/8 2021)
Maria Ankarcrona, NVS, Head of dept.
Carin Ullman, NVS, Head of admin.

Janne Johansson, BioNut, Head of dept.
Lennart Nilsson, BioNut, Deputy Head of dept.
Thomas Tinglöv, BioNut, Head of admin.
Luca Jovine, BioNut, Professor

Petter Höglund, MedH, Head of dept.
Klas Karlsson, MedH, Head of admin.
Eva Hellström Lindberg, MedH, Professor
Mikael Ryden, MedH, Professor, Unit for endocrinology and diabetes

Matti Sällberg, LabMed, Head of dept.

Peter Stenvinkel, CLINTEC, Professor

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Protocols from the Neo steering group meetings during the latest year can be found at the bottom of this page.


Neo operations

The group Neo operations oversees issues related to daily operations in Neo. This group will then coordinate the issues and delegate the task to the appropriate person, group or the property owner (Hemsö). Incidents related to work-safety should immediately be reported to right instance. The issue should at the same time also be reported to the Neo operations group so they can make sure the issues are solved ASAP

Chair: Johan Dethlefsen

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House council

The house council sets the common rules for the building and decides how the facilities in Neo should be used. The group has an overall view on how the localities are used in Neo. This is important when a new research group arrives to Neo, when research groups need to move within Neo or expand within Neo. Important that the house council is notified when a research group wants to expand or if a group shrinks, so we can use the space in Neo in an efficient way to reduce costs for rent, work efficiently and increase collaborations. The Steering group has delegated the responsibilities and decision-making of these issues to the house council.

Chair: Thomas Tinglöv

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Work environment group

This group deals with all issues related to work environment (fire safety, lab safety and general work environment) in Neo. The group works closely together with the steering group and Neo operations as well as the work environment groups at all the departments. The group organises fire drills and safety rounds in Neo. 

Chair: Håkan Ottosson

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Read more about work environment and safety in Neo and at KI here:

Safety in Neo

Neo Scientific collaborations

The Neo Scientific collaborations have the following tasks:

  • Neo retreat
  • Master's student activities
  • Seminar Series for KI South

Chair: Johanna Ungerstedt

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Cell culture group

The Cell culture group coordinates the work in the cell culture rooms in Neo.

Chair: Mattias Carlsten

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