Information for you at MMK. The ABC list is made to make it easier for you to find useful information for you who work a MMK - log in with your KI-ID.


Administration at MMK, contact information

Archive and Registrar (in swedish)


Chemical safety

Collaboration at MMK (in swedish)

Department Council (in swedish)

Discrimination and harassment

Doctoral Education at MMK

Emergency number in case of cardiac arrest or other life-threatening condition: call 112 or 2222 within the Karolinska University Hospital (from mobile in Solna +46 8 123 72 222, from mobile in Huddinge +46 8 123 82 222)

Education support for teachers

Employment & Working hours

Employees and affiliates at MMK (listed A-Ö)

Ethics at KI

Equal Opportunities at KI

Fire safety

Flammable goods

Grants Office - see document below

Health ambassadors at MMK and KI

If something happens

Incident, report

The INDI model

Introduction to MMK - see document below

IT-support at MMK - FixIT

IT-policy at MMK

LADOK & Contacts MMK

Map of Karolinska University Hospital Solna - see document below

Narcotic drugs and narcotic drug precursors

Onboarding at KI, guide for new colleagues

Parental leave


Postgraduate studies at MMK

Security at Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset: 888 88 or from mobile +46 8 123 888 88

Sick leave

Student influence undergraduate studies

Sustainable development

TA Fund

Travel, business

Undergraduate studies at MMK

Union representative (in swedish)

Work environment
Regulations including the safety delegate for employees/associated to MMK: For staff at MMK (in Swedish). Work environment & Health issues at KI: Staff at KI.

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