Service team in Neo

The steering group in Neo has decided that there should be a common service team for some basic services in Neo, for example goods receiving, dish facility, janitorial services and access to Neo.

The service team office is on floor 8 (8620).

Service team contact e-mail:

Information about service in Neo during summer.

Goods handling and common storage

The service team serves as a contact point for delivery companies delivering packages to, or picking up packages from, Neo. This includes sorting incoming mail to the mail slots on the 8th floor and stocking Neo's common storage room (8618) with basic work-environment and safety related laboratory supplies such as gloves and waste containers.

Packages arriving in Neo are delivered to various delivery places in Neo, depending on department and floor. In the case of temperature sensitive packages, they are sometimes stored in cold rooms next to the service team offices for pick-up, rather than delivered – depending on time of day, requests and prevailing conditions.

For the correct delivery address to Neo, see the links below.

Opening hours:

The Neo service team office and receiving of goods is staffed 08:30-15:30 normal working days.

If no one is in the office, someone will probably return shortly. Usually a team member is present an hour before and after the normal opening hours.

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Johan Dethlefsen

Janitorial services and other
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Dawud Nantor

Goods receiving, dish facility, janitorial services
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Anders Lindholm

Goods receiving, janitorial services and other

Janitorial services and miscellaneous

Gas handling

Carbon dioxide and nitrogen is piped throughout Neo in three building-spanning gas networks and is primarily used in cell cultures for incubators, but is available in all labs. Carbon dioxide and high-grade nitrogen is supplied by gas packages that the service team connects and restocks, low-grade nitrogen is supplied by boiling off liquid nitrogen. On floor 6, 7 and 8 there is also local gas networks to make it possible to supply other gases if required.

Drawers and lockers

The Neo service team as well as some department administrators have cards to program and open locked office drawers or clothes lockers.

Coffee, error reporting and supplier contacts

The Neo service team manages contact with the supplier of the coffee machines and associated consumables (tea, milk etc).

Cleaning, error reporting and supplier contacts

The Neo service team manages contact with the cleaning company, including complaints and requests.

Janitor services

The Neo service team helps to move and store shelves and furniture, fix or report problems with doors, ventilation, elevators and other equipment related to the building and laboratories.

Coordination freezer hotel (room, connection, alarm)

The Neo service team manages the space, power and alarm connections for isothermal freezers and Low-Temperature Freezers (LTF) both in the freezer hotel on 3rd floor and on the other floors, but on floors 6, 7 and 8 the management is generally delegated to department or group administrators.

Neo-wide coordination services

The Neo service team coordinates certain functions throughout Neo and occasionally outside as well.

These functions include:

  • Sending out alerts regarding fire and evacuation alarms, planning same together with the Neo work environment group and the Neo house council.
  • Managing joint invoicing of certain shared costs.
  • Contact with the building owners, caretakers and KI facility department (UF/FA).
  • Contact, coordination, purchasing, and service of some instruments and equipment.
  • Managing waste handling and recycling, often in coordination with the Neo work environment.