Step 3. Make an agreement

Draft, negotiate and finalise an agreement that is legally correct. 

Agreement templates

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We recommend to use KI templates to make the review process as efficient as possible.

  • Send an e-mail to to receive agreement templates
  • You will get an automatic reply with the case number - always reply to this e-mail
  • In the automatic reply you will find a list of questions - please provide correct information so that the Legal unit can define what type of agreement is needed in your case
  • Don't send questions regarding the same case in a new e-mail, otherwise you will receive a new case number

Who should contact the Legal unit?

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It is the Contract process coordinator (often the PI) that should:

  • send the agreement draft to all parties and to
  • engage in all revisions of the agreement draft
  • negotiate with the counterparty

♦ The Legal unit at KI will review the draft and provide recommendations.

♦ The Head of Department will then make the final decision.