Step 2. What should be included?

Before the Legal unit can review your research agreement draft, you should identify all financial and regulatory issues to make the review process as efficient as possible.

  • Research projects often require ethical permits
  • Projects may also include transfer of data and material between collaborators - Data Transfer Agreement is then required if personal information is used during the project
  • Additional agreements might be needed for your collaborative project

Financial questions:

  • Review the grant funding terms

If funding from several grants is used within a project, be sure the terms of the different funding agencies are compatible.

  • Follow the procurement process for the purchase of goods and services
  • If the agreement is in the form of commissioned research, you will need to assure there is a full cost coverage in the project budget, including all salary costs, overhead and indirect INDI-costs

Regulatory issues:

Ensure your ethical permit includes a description of the collaborative activities in the project. For example, whether samples and personal data need to be transferred to the counterparty.

It is important to have a data management plan before you draft the research contract.
The plan should include:

If necessary, the Head of Department or Head of Administration can initiate a support case at External Engagement Office to get help with the contract process, or Compliance and Data Office for ethical permit issues and data handling