Step 1. Getting started / Preparation

• Identify  a collaborative partner or funding body
• Assess opportunities and risks
• Understand what type of agreement is important in your case
• Identify  a responsible person for the contract process

Who is responsible for the contract process?

  • Each research contract requires a person to be responsible for coordinating the process.
  • This person can be the PI or in some cases a specifically appointed person/function at the department - always contact your department administration to identify the responsible person. If there is a conflict of interest with the counterparty, another person can be assigned by the Head of Department.
  • The Contract process coordinator should for example organise communication between all parties internally and externally, and can throughout the process get support from different support functions at KI.
  • The Head of Department and in some cases the Head of Administration should review the contract and decide if the contract also needs to be reviewed by the Legal unit. 

What you need to do

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  • Identify Principal Investigator and researchers involved (affiliated, consultants, students, PhD students)
  • Identify appropriate type of collaboration and agreement
  • Discuss risks in choice of collaborative partner or financing organisation:
    • Is the collaborator appropriate?
    • Companies in which researchers have interests might have weak economies and thus unstable legal system
  • Identify potential conflicts of interest:

At your department: