The Course and Programme Committee

The Course and Programme Committee is subordinated to the Committee for Doctoral Education and has the right to decide on certain matters. The committee also acts as a preparatory body in other matters related to doctoral courses and programmes.

Responsibilities and assignments

The overall responsibility of the Course and Program Committee is to prepare decisions regarding KI's doctoral courses and other learning activities for doctoral students as well as to coordinate and follow up on the doctoral programmes' activities.

The Committee has been delegated the right to decide on establishment of syllabi, the distribution of funding for freestanding courses (courses not provided by the doctoral programmes) as well as funding for other learning activities outside the programmes.

The Course and Programme Committee meets 3-4 times per semester.

Committee members


Anna-Karin Welmer

Vice chair:

Vladana Vukojevic

Faculty representatives:

Anna Sidorchuk

Björn Andersson

Gabrielle Paulsson-Berne

Paul Dickman

Vladana Vukojevic

Doctoral student representative:

Shayida Maimaiti (leave of absence)

Postdoc representative (co-opted member):

Luca Andronico


Ingeborg van der Ploeg – Coordinator of doctoral education/Central director of studies

Anna Gustafsson – Administrative officer


Anna Gustafsson

Administrative officer

Anna-Karin Welmer

Chair of the Course and Programme Committee

Vladana Vukojevic

Vice chair of the Course and Programme Committee

Ingeborg Van Der Ploeg

Central director of studies
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