The Work Environment Committee

The task of the Work Environment Committee is to act as the safety committee for Karolinska Institutet, pursuant to chapter 6 sections 8-9 of the Swedish Work Environment Act.Document no. 285/09-204 relating to issues such as:

  • current legislation governing work environment
  • cooperation with occupational healthcare service
  • safety in the laboratories
  • organisational and social work environment
  • information and training related to work environment
  • work adaptations and rehabilitation activities

Committe members

Mandate period: 1 January 2019 - 31 December 2021

Employer representatives

Irene Jensen, Professor, Chairwoman
Rickard Becker, Facilities Director
Mats Engelbrektson, HR Director
Carina Hammarström, Head of Administration
Maria von Witting, Head of Administration

Study organizer representative

Åsa Nandorf, Head of Office

Employee representatives

Venus Azhary, Main Safety representative
Bo Nilsson, Main Safety representative
Niklas Andersson, OFR/ST
Henry Wölling, Seko
Emilie Hultin, SACO

Student/doctoral representatives

Joy Joo, Main Student Safety representative, Dental Students’ Association (OF)

Megan Gjordeni, Main Student Safety representative, Medical Students’ Association (MF)


Ia Gustafsson Wallgren, HR-specialist

Anders Wiberg, Health Promotion specialist

Julia Nemirovsky, Head of Student Health Centre

Ninna Oom, the Doctoral Students’ Ombudsperson, Medical Students’ Association  (MF)


Patrik Emanuelsson, HR Office