Applying for funding for additional costs for KI courses in international collaborations

Doctoral courses arranged by KI in collaboration with one or several universities or research institutes abroad may apply for funding from the Course and Programme Committee for so-called additional costs. Additional costs refer to travel, visa and accommodation costs for outgoing KI doctoral students and KI postdocs, or housing and certain representation costs for incoming course participants.

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International collaborations are important to KI, not least when it comes to courses. Besides the possibility of exchanging knowledge and experience, these collaborations mean that contacts are made, that KI's visibility increases in international contexts and that an informal alumni network of international course participants is created - future "ambassadors".

Possibility to apply for funding for additional costs

As course funding from the doctoral programmes cannot be used for travel-related costs for course participants, the Course and Program Committee (KPK) has established the possibility for course providers to apply for so-called additional funding when a course is given within an international collaboration. Such course collaborations can be arranged with one or more foreign universities or research institutes. We choose to call these partner institutions.

These course collaborations can either mean that the course is located abroad and that we have outgoing KI participants to participate in the course, or that the course is located at KI and we have incoming participants. The latter presupposes a rotating setup, ie that the partner institutions take turns arranging the course on site from occasion to occasion, if additional funding is to be applied for. In a rotating setup, there is also an expectation that the costs are distributed so that the receiving partner institution bears, for example, housing costs for all participants.

“Additional costs” refers to the following when the course has outgoing KI participants:

- Travel expenses

- Visa cost

- Housing costs (unless arranged by the partner institution)

The application can only concern KI doctoral students and KI postdocs who have been admitted to the course.

“Additional costs” refers to the following when the course has incoming participants from partner institution(s):

- Housing costs

- Representation costs (closing dinner in accordance with KI's rules for representation)

The application can only concern participants from the partner institution admitted to the course.


The additional funding only applies to course participants. Costs related to accompanying teachers, as well as general course costs, are covered by the regular course budget (for KI's part usually from a doctoral programme, see the document responsibilities and instructions for the doctoral programmes).


The application is made by the course provider using the form provided. The application is sent together with any enclosure to according to the current deadline for applications for funding for the coming semester (see Current deadlines for doctoral courses and activities).



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