Internationalisation Advisory Council

Internationalisation is of great and increasing importance to Karolinska Institutet's research and education, strategically, operationally and financially. According to Strategy 2030, one of three strategic choices is that KI should be a global university.

The President and the Faculty Board have support functions that are primarily preparatory in nature. These functions are to consult with other preparatory bodies for the Faculty Board and may appoint groups to work with particular issues. One of these functions is the Internationalisation Advisory Council. The council is to coordinate and prioritize investments in international collaboration/ internationalisation within the university.

The mission

A priority issue for the Internationalisation Advisory Council is the work on Karolinska Institutet's strategic development regarding internationalisation and related action plans.

Members of the Internationalisation Advisory Council

  • Robert Harris, Academic Vice President for Doctoral Education, Chair
  • Lars Henningsohn, Deputy-chairperson Committee for Higher Education
  • Martin Bergö, Deputy-chairperson Committee for Research
  • Helena Lindgren, member
  • Anna-Mia Ekströmmember
  • Anna-Lena Paulsson, Head of Unit International Relations Office
  • Shuai Tan, student representative MF
  • Vacant, student representative OF

Central administration

  • Johanna Ackemar, International Coordinator 
  • Sabina Bossi, Communications Strategist
  • Björn Kull, Head of Unit Grants Office