Awards for 2024 within the KI-Mayo collaboration announced

Collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and Mayo Clinic deepend at the end of 2011 when a formal comprehensive agreement was signed. The agreement expanded the collaboration to include innovation and administration, in addition to research and education. Since then, special project and travel grants have been advertised to further the collaboration.

Now, the individuals set to receive funding 2024 have been announced. The steering committee for the KI-Mayo Clinic partnership were the deciding body.

Recipients of the Mayo Clinic - KI Collaborative Awards

  • Dr. Prashanthi Vemuri (MC), Dr. Anna Marseglia (KI)
  • Dr. Antonio D`assoro (MC), Dr. Eike-Benjamin Braune (KI) 
  • Dr. Cynthia McCollough (MC), Dr. Jonas Lantz (KI), Dr. Linus Ohlsson (KI)
  • Dr. David Linden (MC), Md Kamrul Foysal (MC), Mr. Mohamed Saud (MC), Dr. Ulrica Marklund (KI)
  • Dr. Sarosh R. Irani (MC), Dr. Jakob Theorell (KI)
  • Dr. Waleed Brinjikji (MC), Dr. Fabian Arnberg Sandor (KI), Dr. Johan Lundberg (KI)
  • Dr. Joseph Yao (MC), Dr. Niklas Björkström (KI)
  • Ms. Naba Farooqui (MC), Dr. Lars Lund (KI)
  • Dr. Patnaik Mrinal (MC), Dr. Klas Wiman (KI)

If you have any questions, please contact:
Sophie Erhardt, PhD, Professor of Experimental Psychiatry, Academic coordinator for the partnership between KI and the Mayo Clinic.
Maria Olsson or Pernilla Witte, Administrator for the Mayo-KI Collaboration.

Maria Olsson