KI-China Scholarship Council (CSC) programme

The KI-CSC programme is based on an agreement, for the period 2020-2025, between KI and CSC, a funding institution under the Ministry of Education of China. CSC awards scholarships to Chinese scholars going abroad for doctoral studies or visiting research. A KI host researcher can provide an opportunity by announcing a project with which the Chinese applicant can apply for a CSC scholarship.

New mobility programme for visits to China

From November 2021 a new programme is being introduced, allowing for mobility from KI to Chinese universities with scholarship from CSC. The programme is called the CSC China-Link Scholarship Programme 

Number of scholarships 

According to the KI-CSC programme 2020-2025, there are scholarships for up to:

  • thirty (30) doctoral students (either as full-time degree or visiting doctoral students) per year
  • twenty (20) postdoctoral fellows per year
  • five (5) visiting scholars per year

KI will not accept additional applicants outside the KI-CSC programme, i.e., through the open calls of the CSC scholarship programmes. The scholarships for master’s degree students has been discontinued since 2019.

CSC scholarship levels

From 2019, the financial support from CSC for:

  • Doctoral degree students, SEK 15,000/month, up to 48 months -  Top-up needed
  • Visiting doctoral students, SEK 15,000/month, for 6-12 months  
  • Postdoctoral fellows, SEK 15,000/month, for 6-24 months - Top-up needed
  • visiting researchers, SEK 15,000/month, for 3-12 months

KI supervisors receiving post-docs and registered doctoral students must top up the CSC scholarship to the minimum level required by KI either with a complementary scholarship or by part-time employment.

CSC call for scholarship applications in 2022

To attract potential scholarship applicants, the potential KI host first needs to formulate and submit a short research project description. The KI hosts provide the opportunities and research projects, with which the applicants later can apply for the CSC scholarship.

Deadline for submitting the research project description: October 5, 2021.

Please note that an approval from the head of department is required for recruiting CSC scholars, and that a “Green Light” approval is compulsory for KI hosts recruiting 4-year doctoral students. 
Please read the detailed information for the specific target group below.

News 2021

From 2021, you are allowed to recruit only every two years. If you will receive a CSC funded scholar, decided by CSC in June 2021, you cannot recruit in the recruitment round 2021/2022 to be decided by CSC in June 2022.

KI supervisors may

  • Advertise (register) up to two research projects (adapted as a project for 4-year doctoral student, a visiting doctoral student, a postdoc or a visiting researcher),
  • Recruit a maximum of two candidates in one recruitment round,
    • one doctoral student (either a doctoral student 4 year or one visiting doctoral student)
    • one visiting scholar (postdoc or visiting researcher)

Only supervisors who have submitted a research project description including green light approval by their respective head of department before the deadline October 5, 2021 will be included in the subsequent recruitment process.


Monika Berge-Thelander

International coordinator

Nailin Li

Senior research specialist