RDM training, workshops and courses

Different types of training and courses on research documentation and data management is provided to all researchers at Karolinska Institutet (KI).

PhD course

A PhD course in Open Science and Reproducible research is available at KI. The course covers current issues in reproducibility and methods for open science, including open access publishing, open data, and open code. For more information feel free to contact Gustav.Nilsonne@ki.se.

Web course

A web courseon research documentation and data management is available to everyone at KI, and is part of the mandatory introductory course for PhD students.

The course can be accessed via Canvas.

Workshops and seminars

If you would like to schedule a workshop or presentation at for example your department or research school, please contact the Research Data Office (RDO) via rdo@ki.se. We also offer open workshops that you can find on our calendar.

External courses

Mantra research data management training

Foster courses

NBIS course on Introduction to Data Management

NBIS course on tools for reproducible research

Electronic Notebook (ELN)

User manuals and ELN demo films are available at the ELN homepage

Contact Research data office

If you have questions regarding research data management contact us at rdo@ki.se

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