Swedish National Data Service (SND)

SND is a national consortium, to which KI belongs, that offers an increasing number of reasearch area specific guidance.

Since 2018, the SND consortium exists, where KI is included, together with eight other universities:

  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Gothenburg University (host university)
  • KTH
  • Lund University
  • Stockholm University
  • Sweden's University of Agriculture
  • Umeå University
  • Uppsala University

The purpose of SND is to work together nationally on issues related to data management and open data, as well as to provide training, templates and support to the researchers on all primarily making available, preserving and reusing data.

The national support is mainly in the form of domain specialists in different subject areas, together with local support through so-called Data Access Units (DAUs) - KI's DAU is part of our Research Data Office (RDO) and more information is available on our data management pages.

Presenting metadata and sharing data via SND

Researchers at KI can present and share metadata via SND's research portal.

Raw data is stored locally at KI and can be made available directly via a link from SND's directory if this is possible (no personal data and no other obstacles) or on request (a request goes to KI if data cannot be made fully open).

  • Data is stored on S3, the new central storage in the IT department and is read-only.
  • The data description formed is filled in and describes, among other things, the type of data, who is responsible and how long the data is to be stored (data recorded in the SND directory should never be disposed of).
  • A permanent identifier, a digital object identifier (DOI) with "KI prefix", is linked to the directory entry.
  • Metadata is entered into SND's research portal and the directory entry is linked to saved data at KI.
  • Other researchers can search for and access metadata through SND's research portal and access the underlying data directly via a link or apply for access to the data.
  • The request for access to data goes to KI, usually directly to the responsible researcher.
  • If data is to be made available outside KI then controlled access is provided via secure "file transfer" via S3.

Contact Research data office

If you have questions regarding research data management please contact RDO at: 


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