Christina Larsdotter (Cesar)

Christina Larsdotter is a hybrid lecture hall in Solna with camera and a fully integrated audio solution, compatible with Zoom and Teams, as well as any audio and video recording software.

President of KI decides on naming on Campus Solna

The President has today made a decision on naming and memorials at KI. Read more: President of KI decides on naming on Campus Solna and the rector's blog: Decision on naming and memorials at Karolinska Institutet.

Bookable premises at KI Campus Solna, 201-250 seats

Ground floor in Berzeliuslaboratoriet with seats for 202 participants.


HDMI / VGA + mini tele for audio
Projectors with screen (present 2 sources simultaneously)
Document camera
Camera system for hybrid meetings
Sound system for hybrid meetings
Tabletop microphones
Wireless headsets and wireless handheld microphones
Touch screen room controller
USB in lectern connecting AV to video meetings
Inductive Loop

Zoom- och Teams compatibel facility:

  • Connect the USB cabel from the lectern to your computer
  • Start a video meeting software of your choice
  • Choose "Shure P300" as speaker and microphone
  • Choose "USB Capture SDI" as camera

Record a lecture or meeting offline:

  • Recordings containing camera, microphones and presentation can be made using the software of your choice, on your own device
  • Audio and video can also be recorded using own hardware connected to an AV output in the control room
  • Please contact AV-support for demonstrations and support

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Av-Support Solna

Support on technical equipment in KI's bookable premises


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