Book the Faculty Club on floor 10 in Biomedicum

The Faculty Club on floor 10 in Biomedicum is designed to facilitate interaction and collaboration in a relaxed setting.

The faculty club in Biomedicum

It accommodates 75 seats and can be booked and used for various activities including:

  • Group/Team/Project meetings
  • Seminars (no theatre seating)
  • Coffee breaks
  • Celebrations
  • Receptions at dissertations (snacks and drinks only)
  • Pubs (security personnel needed)

To book the Faculty Club, please contact the reception in Biomedicum (

If you have your workplace in Biomedicum, you can use the Faculty Club for free.

For catering of food and beverages to the Faculty Club, please order from the procured supplier. More information on how to order catering (information in Swedish) on the Staff Portal.

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