Contact information to the doctoral programmes

As a doctoral student you can register your interest in one or more doctoral programme and thus obtain information on the courses and activities that are arranged.

Expression of interest

An expression of interest is submitted when you apply for admission to doctoral education, or at any time during the education by sending an email to the programme. This means that you will receive information about the programme's courses and activities. You may choose from what is offered, but you do not commit to participate in any activity, nor are you guaranteed admission to any of the courses organized within the framework of the programme.

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Allergy, immunology and inflammation

Caroline Grönwall

Cell Biology and Genetics

Linda Lindell


Johanna Bergman

Public Health Science

Janne Agerholm

Biology of Infection and Global Health

Benedict Chambers

Cardiovascular Research

Nailin Li

Metabolism and Endocrinology

Jurga Laurencikiene


Victoria Balabanova

Development and Regeneration

Karolina Kublickiene

Tumor Biology and Oncology

Lisa Westerberg

Health Care Sciences

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