Standard amounts and conditions for funding of courses within doctoral programmes

Compensation to departments responsible for courses given within a doctoral programme is generally made according to the standard amounts decided by the Committee for Doctoral Education (KFU).

Standard amounts

Standard amounts for funding are available for courses of up to two weeks (3 credits). For longer courses, the programme steering group decides on the amount to be granted.

Table that shows standard amount for 1,5 HEC and 3 HEC courses
Course length Standard amount
1,5 HEC 65 000 SEK
3 HEC 130 000 SEK

In addition to the standard amount, the programmes may also reimburse extraordinary costs, e.g. external teachers with unique skills, laboratory activities requiring additional resources.

Conditions for payment

For the full standard amount to be paid after completion of the course, at least eight KI doctoral students and/or KI postdocs must have participated in the course, including the examination (but without the requirement of a passing grade). 

The course provider must also submit a course analysis according to instructions.

Principle for reducing granted course funding

If the course has had fewer than eight KI doctoral students and/or KI postdocs who have completed the course, a reduction is made from the payment of course funds according to the principle below (which in practice means that full payment is given even for 7 participants). The amounts indicated are in SEK.

Table showing how the reduction is calculated according to a descending scale, when the number of participants is less than 8.
Payment (%) No. of participants 1,5 HEC 3 HEC
100 % 7 65 000 130 000
85 % 6 55 000 110 500
70 % 5 45 500 91 000
60 % 4 39 000 78 000
50 % 3 32 500 65 000
40 % 2 26 000 52 000