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On this page you will find information about the process for implementing a new, centralised examination service (Tentamensservice) at KI. The page and the organisation are under construction.

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The Examination Service’s Remit 

KI's new centralised examination organisation (Tentamensservice), is located at the Education Support Office within KI’s Central Administration. The goal is to create a common, legally compliant and efficient examination process which will be available for use during spring term 2023. The Examination Service’s role is only in relation to digital written examinations taken in exam halls. Other examination forms are not included in its remit. 

Increased capacity for examination with a focus on accessibility 

Examination halls (skrivsalar) and examination rooms (skrivrum) for students with disabilities are being prepared on campus Solna during the autumn term, 2022. The premises are located on Floor 5 of the Berzelius laboratory and will be bookable on completion. Please contact The Examination Service (Tentamensservice) for more detailed information. 

The exam hall, Skrivsal Space is ready to use now. 

On campus Flemingsberg, we are reviewing the possibility to provide of similar premises and we will update you on progress as soon as possible 


Changes to the booking procedure 

The scheduling of exams for spring term 2023 must take into account the new decision on joint start times when seat booking instead of venue booking will be introduced for the spring term 2023. The start times for these slots will be 08:15, 14:15 and 19:15

The exam room/hall will be made available for invigilators and staff one hour before the exam’s start time. 

TE-Exam is currently being implemented as a complement to Time Edit Core for exam bookings. Instructions on how to pre-order/book the exam in TE Core/TE Exam will shortly be available on the TimeEdit support page. 

With the introduction of the TE Exam module, the exam booking process will be consolidated into one system where you will be able to book the times, seats and support together. The system will also offer the ability to connect the event to Ladok directly, allowing the creation of anonymised examination codes. 

From VT-23 (spring term -23), the examination service will take over the responsibility for booking rooms and individual seat in the digitally equipped examination halls, as well as the responsibility for organizing invigilators and IT support. There will be a tariff per seat applied to exams, meaning that the exam halls can be run more efficiently with parallel exams. 

You will not be able to change or delete your bookings during this term on your own. Please contact Tentamensservice for help. 

New bookings (Autumn 2022) must be made as a pre-order in TimeEdit Core. The examination service then allocates premises according to availability. Here is a booking overview for the examination halls so you can see which times have been booked, and which times remain available. 

During HT-22 exam invigilators are still managed by the respective department as the central exam invigilator organization is not yet in place. 

Booking of IT support for digital examinations is done at least three weeks before the exam date via the booking form. The booking is now administered by Tentamensservice (previously via UoL). 

We will be updating the information on this page throughout the autumn term in preparation for the roll-out of the new service. 

Project: Introduction of examination service for digital examination halls 2022 


In 2018, work began on establishing an infrastructure for digital examination within Karolinska Institutet (Kl). Because of this work, KI now has: 

  • Several exam halls equipped for digital examination 
  • a procured digital examination system 
  • web-based courses aimed both at teachers and invigilators 
  • a support organization within the Karolinska Institutet University Library (KIB) that provides IT support during the examination sessions 
  • a support organization within the Unit for Teaching and Learning (UoL) that provides deeper support before the examination sessions from both a system and a pedagogical perspective 
  • a range of adaptations for students with special needs 

In the spring of 2021, a proposal was prepared for the design of a new service/organization to coordinate digital exams in the examination halls. KI strives to increase the proportion of digital examinations, and it is seen that a coordinated central examination service for digital examination in the examination halls should support this growth as will as, increasing efficiency through the coordination of operational support. One of the primary objectives of the project is that the resource utilisation of the digital examination rooms (premises and computers) increases. 


Introduce a joint KI-wide examination service (tentamensservice) supporting on-site digital written examination which provides better conditions for departments to choose digital examination. 

Through using shared resources and synchronising examinations the service aims to achieve a better resource utilisation for both the computers and the digital examination halls, especially during the examination periods. 

Project goals

To develop an examination service (Tentamensservice) that provides a packaged service containing a place in a digital examination hall, IT support and an examination invigilator. The service must be self-financed, i.e. it must not be included in the indirect costs. This means that there will be a cost per seat reservation in the examination hall.


  • Implement the TE-exam (TimeEdit) module for booking a place in the examination hall as well as booking IT support.
  • Mandatory registration for digital examination via activity opportunities in LADOK.
  • Develop a financial model for the service.
  • Recruit and train a collective resource of invigilators.
  • Coordination organization between affected units.
  • Work for special examination rooms for students with disabilities. In addition to being specially adapted to the needs of the students, these examination halls must relieve the occupancy by placing those who are granted extended writing time in the special examination halls.
  • Review the possibility that Tentamensservice (the central examination service) can manage/possibly decide on the certificates for special educational support that concern support during the examination. It could improve the anonymity of the examination.

Performance goals

  • Improved utilization of the resources around IT support and computers during examinations.
  • Efficient use of the examination halls at peaks of examinations, e.g. at the end of the semester.
  • Greater accessibility to the examination halls during examination periods through the coordination of several examinations.
  • Higher legal certainty around examinations through trained personnel.
  • Increased opportunities to arrange support e.g. in the form of furniture, screens, etc., for students with disabilities during examinations.
  • Increase the share of digital examinations through an improved and accessible support organization.


The coordinated examination service, Tentamensservice, refers to examinations that take place in the digital examination halls, both digital and paper examinations. Examinations in classrooms or at a distance are not covered. Unbooked places/times shall not be included in the financing model.

Time Plan

VT-22 (spring term): Coordinators have been hired, a steering group for the introduction project and a reference group with Education administrators have been appointed and appointed. Room allocation has been made for examinations HT-22 in KI's examination alls via the room booking and scheduling system TimeEdit (takeover from  The Property and Facilities Office). Book IT support for digital examinations with Inspera (takeover from UoL). The invigilator training in Canvas (takeover from UoL). Networking and exchange with other universities and colleges that offer similar exam services. The project plan has been approved by the steering group and the decision to introduce fixed start times for examinations in digital examination halls has been made. Ordering of examination rooms for students with disabilities (in Solna) has been made.

HT-22 (autumn term): Establishing an economic model for seat booking in digital examination hall. Introduce TE-Exam (Module for exam management in TimeEdit) in collaboration with KI's management organization for TimeEdit. Support KI's departments in the scheduling of examinations with fixed start times for VT-23. Recruit a pool of exam invigilators and be responsible for their training on site in the hall and via Web training in collaboration with UoL and Student-IT. Offer Skrivsal Space in Solna for students with disabilities. more info coming here...

VT-23 (spring term) Offer a full-fledged Examination service (Tentamensservice) with a seat in a digital examination hall, support in the hall and examination invigilators/hosts for all booked examinations in the digital examination halls. Offer examination rooms in Solna for students with granted special support in case of functional impairment.



coordinating support and bookings

Project manager

Lina Liljegren

UF Central Administration