Ragnar Granit

Floor 3 in Biomedicum with seats for 65 participants.

Bookable premises at KI Campus Solna with 50-90 seats


HDMI / VGA + mini tele for audio
Projectors with screen (present 2 sources simultaneously)
3 wireless headset microphones
1 wireless handheld microphone
Document camera
Touch screen room controller

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AV-support Solna

Support on technical equipment in KI's bookable premises

Ragnar Granit (1900-1991) was professor of Neurophysiology at the Medical Nobel Institute for Neurophysiology of Karolinska Institutet.

He received the Nobel Prize in 1967 for showing that color vision is coded through three separate afferent channels from retina to the brain, sensitive to different wave lengths.

His laboratory later contributed to many aspects of the control of motion and established that muscle spindles have a separate efferent control.



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