Reporting study activity and source of income

Twice a year, doctoral students report their study activity and the source of income the last semester.

This is mandatory for all doctoral students in Sweden, and is part of the commitment as a doctoral student. The report must be sent in before the deadline each semester and contain correct information. This obligation also includes inactive doctoral students since KI must have correct information about all registrered doctoral students. 

The doctoral student will receive an e-mail from the doctoral administration at the department with instructions when it is time (May-June and November-December). When the student has sent the required information, it will be registered in Ladok, and later uploaded to the digital individual study plan at the next revision/follow-up (Section 3: “Previous financial support” and “Study activity”).  

Purpose of the report 

  • KI must know how many doctoral students are active at our university, and who has the right to a KI login, e-mail address and to apply for courses.
  • The registered study activity decides when it is time for half-time review and time to defend the thesis. The half-time review (or licentiate seminar) should be done when the accumulated activity is equivalent to 4 semesters full-time studies; the doctoral thesis defence when it is equivalent to 8 semesters full-time studies.  
  • This data is used for keeping track of full-time and part-time doctoral students and how they are financially supported. The statistics is also used in different evaluation and follow-up projects. It is particularly important to keep track of which doctoral students have external scholarships since KI issues special insurances for these students. The more accurate data, the more likely to observe relevant changes and to identify areas of improvement.
  • Statistics Sweden (SCB) analyzes national statistics each year where KI is compared to other universities. The statistics are used in national decision-making in the government and parliament.