Employment as a doctoral student at KI

Employment on a doctoral studentship is the most common sort of support for doctoral students at KI. On this webpage you find important information about salaries, vacation, parental leave etc. for doctoral students employed at KI. Employment as a doctoral student (i.e., “doctoral studentship”) is regulated in Chapter 5, Sections 1-7 of the Higher Education Ordinance.

A doctoral students should primarily devote his or her time to doctoral education. Within the scope of a doctoral studentship, the student may participate in teaching and other department duties up to 20 per cent.

An employment as a doctoral student shall refer to full-time work. If a doctoral student so requests, the employment may refer to part-time work, but at least 50% of full-time.

A person may be employed as a PhD student for a maximum of eight years. However, the total length of employment may not exceed full-time education for a full-time period of four years. The total length of employment may be longer if there are special reasons, such as illness, service within the total defense, union trust or parental leave.


The salary levels for employed doctoral students are regulated in a local collective agreement.

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Local collective agreement (in Swedish)

Social benefits for doctoral students

Doctoral students employed by KI enjoy the same social benefits as other employees at the university.


Doctoral students at KI have a so called standard vacation (”schablonsemester”)

Parental leave

Parental leave is regulated through general agreements and Swedish law. KI also has a local agreement on parental benefits.

Information about parental leave, parental leave pay, reduction of work time for parents, taking care of a sick child and temporary parental benefits in conjunction with childbirth

If you get ill

If you are sick you should report this to your workplace the same day. KI pays your salary for the first 14 days of a sick leave. As of the 15th day, the National Insurance Office (Försäkringskassan) pays out sickness benefits.

Information about calling in sick and reporting return to work, sickness pay and sickness benefits, doctor’s certification and reimbursement for medical care and drugs

Retirement pension

Doctoral students employed at KI have a pensionable income.

Information about pension for employees


Doctoral students who meet the requirements of Omställningsavtalet are covered by Trygghetsstiftelsen but only for the benefits resulting from 2 years of employment. Read more on Trygghetsstiftelsen's website.

Additional information for employees at KI

More information for employees at KI


Doctoral students employed at KI and supervisors that have questions about employment or employment conditions should contact the human resources manager at their departments.

Doctoral students with questions regarding their education should contact the supervisor, study director ("studierektor") or administrator for doctoral education at their home department.