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The website for Karolinska Institutet features "profile pages", a page about you as a KI co-worker. It contains basic contact information, but it can also be extended with more information about your work.

On this page you will find answers to questions and instructions on how to work with your profile page.

New profile pages with information from KI RIMS

Everyone at KI has a profile page on Today it contains contact information and the information about you that you have added yourself. During this fall, these pages will be replaced with new pages that retrieve information from KI RIMS.

  • September 7: The information written on your personal profile page on September 7 will automatically be transferred to KI RIMS.
  • September 27 – November 9: You can log in and see what information has been automatically collected, as well as edit and add information. 
  • November 9: The new profile pages are published. You can make changes and additions at any time.

You can make changes that will be published on your existing profile page until the new pages are published on November 9, but be aware that changes you make after we move the information on September 7 will not carry over to your new page. In that case, you need to redo them again in KI RIMS.

Upon the move, your profile page will receive a new address (url), however, the old one will continue to work during a transition period.

More info about KI RIMS

The profile page consists of two parts:

  1. Contact information and information about your position and organisation that are retrieved from KI's identity and authorisation system IDAC. If the information is incorrect, this must be changed in IDAC. Contact your HR administrator.
  2. A personal part. This part is the responsibility of each employee. You fill in additional information that can help a visitor understand the role you have within KI.

The profile page shall contain information relevant to your work at KI and follow the Rules for content on KI's central website.

The website automatically collects information from IDAC every day. Information about who has quit and who has started at KI is also collected. Changes for existing employees are also downloaded.

If you are just starting out at KI, it may take a day or so before your profile page is available on the website.

When your employment or connection ends, your profile page also disappears.

Edit your profile page

Enter if you are not already logged in on the Staff portal. You can also click on "Log in" in the header.  

Please NOTE! You cannot use Internet Explorer when you edit your profile page. Please use another browser.

Username field: Enter your KI-ID

In Password field: Enter your password (the same as when you log in to your computer/email)

Click on Log in and you are now in the system.

At the top of the page there is now a black list, with your name on it. Below your name is a Edit Profile link, where you can edit the profile page. 

You can prepare the information you wish to add in a separate document. In this way it is possible to make the changes quickly and the information is still available if, for example, the web browser is closed before you saved the changes.

You add all the information in the same form, but in different sections. You only fill in the fields that you wish to be seen on your page.

Edit your profile page by clicking on your name, and then Edit profile.

URL to the profile page

The address is generated from your email address. People with the same name, are distinguished by the email address by a number, this will also be reflected in the URL. Example: johanna-sjoblom-1.

  • for Swedish version
  • for English version

Basic contact information


The title displayed by your name is the position you got when you were hired. It cannot be changed.

Name, email and phone number

Name, email address and telephone number are obtained from IDAC. The basic setting is that mobile numbers are automatically hidden on the profile page. To show or add a mobile number, change your settings in IDAC.


The organisational affiliation appears as a tree on your profile page. If you have multiple affiliations, all are displayed together with the position linked to the organisation. 

On the English profile page, there may be Swedish names on some organisational affiliations. This is because there is no English translation on the organisation posted in Primula.

If you click on a link to an organisation from the profile page, you will be taken to a page where all employees and members of the group are shown in an automatically generated list from IDAC.


The visit address shown on the profile page is obtained from IDAC. If you want to change it to something else, you can do it in IDAC. The mailing address is obtained from IDAC and is linked to the organisation you belong to. If you have multiple affiliations, the address that belongs to your primary affiliation will be displayed.

Add information

The profile page can also be extended with more information about your background, your work, assignments and publications.

Updated profile pages will make it easier to get in touch with the right person and competence, for both external visitors and other staff. The profile page is usually the first hit of a search on your name via KI's search engine and often also the first hit when searching on, for example, Google.

The content shall reflect your role at KI, information about, for example, assignments in companies, associations or anything else that is outside this role shall not be inserted to the profile page.

Since the profile page is a presentation of yourself, use first person in body text.

News articles about you can also be displayed on the profile page. This is determined by a web editor adding you in a news article.


If there are no personal reasons to say otherwise, add a portrait photo. If you wish to upload an image, please ensure that:

  • It is in portrait format and represents you
  • It is at least 150 x 250 pixels resolution, preferably larger (system reduces it to the appropriate size)
  • You are entitled to use the image
  • Your name is included in the image file name.

Please ensure that you have saved the image so that you can access it from your computer. Click on the Upload button. You can now scroll forward to the image on your computer. Click on “Upload” and let the system upload the file.

Organisational webpage links

If you are part of a research group, include a link to your research group page on

You can also add a link to the unit's and your department's webpages. The link text is formatted automatically.


Specify street, post code and locality of your workplace in the indicated fields.

A link to the map (from Google Maps) will then be shown in the right column of the page.

If you wish to remove the map then place a cross in the little box “Delete”, under the address field.

If the address is not correct on your profile page, try to make adjustments in Google Map Maker.

Social links

A place for link, for example, to one’s Linkedin profile or Twitter account. The links end up in the right column of the page.

Title: Here you enter the name which the link is to have.

URL: Here you enter the link address.


A text to summarise your work at KI. Max. 200 characters. The information is shown together with your name, title and portrait on top of of the page.

This text can also be used by a web editor in a contact card on other pages.

This is how it looks like when you edit a text field. Tool bar is framed.

Text fields

There are a number of text fields in the form that function in the same way. They are only visible on the profile page when text is added.

Mark the text and click on the desired formatting. Use formatting sparingly.

  • About me (Om mig). Here you can place general information about yourself and what you work with at KI.
  • Research description (Forskningsbeskrivning). Here you can describe your research activities.
  • Teaching portfolio (Pedagogiska meriter). Here you can describe your teaching portfolio.
  • Education (Utbildning). Here you can add information on your education, degrees and diplomas etc.
  • Academic honors, awards and prizes (Akademiska utmärkelser och priser). Here you can add information on academic honors and prizes.

Link and e-mail address in text field

Select a word or sentence in the text. Click the link icon. Paste your link address in the "URL" or e-mail address and press Save. The word/sentence should now be linked. 

Link to single publication

Press the "Pubmed" button and paste the link from Pubmed, i.e.

Documents (Dokument)

Here you can upload a document, for example CV. Permitted formats are pdf, doc and docxs.

Links (Länkar)

Here you can add links, for example to research groups, projects, departments or similar that you consider relevant for your profile page.

Title: Indicate the name of the link.

URL: Indicate the link’s address.

To add more links, click on the button “Add another item” and continue.

Embedded videos and presentations

Under this heading you can add presentations and films which in this case are shown in the right hand column, in both language versions of your profile page. 


In this field you can add links to videos provided from platforms supporting oEmbed, such as Youtube. Get the Shared link from the video and paste it in the field Videos. 

Video (all languages)

In this field you can add videos not supported by oEmbed, i.e. KI Play. Get the embedded code or Iframe for the video and paste it in the field. 

Presentations (Presentationer)

Show presentations from i.e. Slideshare on the profile page by pasting the Shared link from the presentation. 

Language versions

There are one Swedish and one English version of each profile page, and you can switch language with a link on the page. We advise you not to use English in the Swedish version, and vice versa, because the context does not match.

To switch edit mode between the language versions, click "Translate" on top of the page. 


In order for the changes to be carried out, press on the "Save (this translation)" button near the bottom of the page. Make sure you do this regularly.

Log out

You log out from the form by clicking Log out and closing the browser.

List of publi​cations

If you would like a list of your publications to be displayed, you will need to make some adjustments in KI Bibliometric Database.

Instructions are available at KIB.

Please note that there is a delay between changes in the database and when the publications appears on the profile page.

Suggestions of development and improvements

Please send an e-mail to or contact your main local editor at the department.

More information for logged in staff

There is more information for those of you working in the following groups

  • K1.Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery
  • K9.Department of Global Public Health
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