Requisitioning research internship ("Forskar-AT") funds

A research internship (in Swedish forskar-AT) provides financial support for a period of research during a clinical internship. The research period is financed by the Committee for Doctoral Education.

Salaries during the research period at KI are paid by the department in which the research is taking place. The department is then reimbursed with a flat-rate sum (one sum for doctoral students and another for PhDs).

Requisitioning approved funds

To requisition approved funds, the relevant administrative officer at the Department fills in the requisition form (note that the funds are not requisitioned by the recipient), which is then sent by email to the administrative officer for forskar-AT at the University Administration along with a copy of the employment contract.

Faculty funds intended for financing doctoral students must be used for salary. If a doctoral student granted a research internship (forskar-AT) also has been granted other faculty funds (for example CSTP) and the total funds paid out amount to more than the actual salary costs of the doctoral student, the surplus funds must be paid back.

Requisition forms

The upper part of the form is to be completed by an administrative officer at the department.

Rekvisitionen avser: State “Forskar-AT”.

Institution: State the department to which funds are to be paid.

Medel rekvireras för: State the name of the person in receipt of research internship funds and his or her status as a doctoral student or PhD.

Projekt: State the project the funds are to be paid to.

Verifikationstext: Enter the departmental code, the name of the person and the kind of funding concerned (e.g.. C1, Lisa Nilsson, forskar-AT-medel).

Institutionens referens: State the name of the responsible at the department.

The bottom part of the form is to be completed by the University Administration.


Information about research internships to the departments (HR) at KI


Administrative officer, Forskar-AT

Kia Olsson