Operational planning and follow-up

The aim of operational planning is to give a better overview of operations and place a clearer focus on what we need to prioritise in order to make optimal use of our resources.

With the introduction of Strategy 2030, the operational planning and follow-up processes will be slightly different: 

  • There is one general, university-wide operational plan based exclusively on Strategy 2030, which it expresses in terms of goals and tasks.
  • The university-wide operational planning coincides with the term of office of the Faculty Board and is divided into four-year cycles, with goals and tasks being prioritised ahead of each. 
  • The goals and tasks of the operational plan are then assigned to task officers, who break them down into activity plans, which will be followed up centrally every year, starting in 2020. 

The purpose of this change is to is to give a better overview of operations so that the whole of KI can make optimal use of the university’s resources. 

Departments are encouraged to continue producing their own plans for planning, prioritising and following up on their own work in an effective and integrated manner. Given the available resources, central follow-ups will only be made on activities linked to Strategy 2030 and the general operational plan. 


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