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For staff at MBB

Information for staff at the Department for Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics (MBB).

  • Book meeting rooms in Biomedicum.
  • The PA web is used for application regarding care of sick children, leave of absence and specification of salary. Employees that do not have standard vacation (technical personal) can apply for vacation in the PA web.
  • If you are sick, please send an e-mail to and we'll register you in the PA-web. When you return back to work, you have to register that you're back in the PA web yourself.
  • Protocols from the work environment group on the internal web.

Signature from Head of Department

Take the first entrance into quarter A03 from the Biomedicum reception (just round the corner from lecture hall A0315). Inside the quarter, there is a copying room to the left. In this copying room, there is one box labeled ”to be signed” where you leave your documents and one box labeled ”signed by Sten L” where you pick up your signed document.

  • Letter of recommendation/support: a complete draft is needed. In such cases please send the draft as a word document to the Head of Department Sten Linnarsson.
  • Legal documents (CDAs, MTAs, etc): should be sent by email to Carina Hammarström, Head of Administration. She will contact the KI lawyers for approval before signature by the Head of Department.

Jesper Haeggström will continue as Vice Head of Department and can sign many documents. He can also approve applications in Prisma.

Information about your employment

Read more about your employment and employee benefits that apply to all of KI's staff.

For example:


  • Manager and employee support (that covers employees, scholarships holders, guest researchers etc.)
  • Labor law
  • Employment and contracts (for employees, not scholarships)
  • Recruitment, hiring and staffing
  • Introduction and termination
  • Redundancy and adaption
  • Competence maintenance
  • Performance management dialog
  • Salaries: statistics, yearly salary review, negotiations with union
  • Payments
  • Sick leave and rehabilitation planning
  • Leave: leave of absence, vacation, parental leave etc.
  • Insurance
  • Working environment; social and organizational working environment, code of conduct
  • Health promotion and occupational health care - Previa
  • Equal treatment
  • IDAC and UBW Anknutna administration, KI email accounts and associations
  • Primula web
  • Access cards to the MBB buildings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Lina Rowland

HR supervisor

Anneli Svarén

HR administrator