Off-boarding at KI

The off-boarding process at KI consists of two parts where we as an employer collect crucial information of all employees who are leaving KI. When employees leave KI, they often have insights and perspectives that can help our improve culture, processes, and management practices.

By conducting an exit feedback process, we can gain valuable information about the reasons for an employee's departure, their level of job satisfaction, and their perceptions of KI. All employees leaving KI are expected to be offered an exit interview by their direct line manager, and also sent a HR-exit survey by their local HR representative.

Exit surveys and interviews can also help us identify trends and patterns in employee turnover, allowing us to make data-driven decisions about how to address these issues. For example, if multiple employees cite a lack of career growth opportunities as a reason for leaving, we might need to revaluate our professional development programs or policies.

Target audience

The target group for the exit survey includes all employees at KI. The previous target group only included employees employed for more than 6 months, there is now no minimum criterion for length of employment.

Exit Survey

Your local HR representative is responsible for sending out the exit survey, these are a compliment to the exit interviews. Surveys are sent out via the HR-Puls system.

Post-docs are not expected to receive the exit survey as they use a separate system.

Exit interviews

The insights gained from exit interview as part of our off-boarding process can help us identify areas for improvement. By giving employees the opportunity to provide feedback in an exit interview, we can demonstrate how much we value our employees' opinions and are committed to continuously improving the workplace. Overall, exit interviews are an important tool for us to gather valuable feedback from departing employees and improve their workplace culture and practices.

Who is responsible for offering the exit interview?

It’s the line managers responsibility to offer exit interviews to staff, however should the employee prefer another person to carry out the interview they can request that HR or a more senior manager conduct the interview. This does not apply to post docs. 

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