Dr Åke Olsson Foundation for Hematological Research

Dr Åke Olsson Foundation hereby invites applications for grants for Hematological Research, primarily in the area of myeloma and leukemia.


The purpose of the foundation is to support hematological research, primarily in the area of myeloma and leukemia. Hematological research in this context refers to both basic biomedical and applied clinical research.

The foundation supports hematology researchers at Karolinska Institutet who are at an important but early stage of their career and are therefore ineligible for more traditional grants. The foundation strives to serve as an initiator for the development of new expertise in the field of hematology.

In recent years, many big sponsors of scientific research have shifted their focus from financing individual researchers for limited projects to financing larger research groups involved in comprehensive research programmes. Thus, there is a great need today for grants directed towards individual researchers, not yet established as leaders of large projects. By the same token, there is also a great need to support smaller, limited projects.


Young researchers, affiliated with Karolinska Institutet, who have earned a doctoral degree but are not yet fully established as leaders of research projects, are eligible to apply. Adjunct senior lecturers or professors at KI are also eligible to apply. Application for funding regarding a limited project are welcome.


The disposable amount is usually between 1,500,000 and 2,200,000 SEK, but can also vary between years. Awarded grants varies between 300,000 and 500,000 SEK per person. You can never get more than the requested amount.

Upon special request, the grant may be used to pay the applicant’s salary.


The application must contain a research plan of maximum 15 000 charachters (approximately 4 A4-pages), a popular scientific summary in Swedish (approximately 1,500 characters), ethical considerations and a budget where indirect costs must also be stated.

The following attachments should be enclosed:

  1. A publication list stating the 10 most relevant publications for this call besides a complete publication list for the previous 5 years and the current year
  2. Publication list for any co-applicants
  3. For applicants who have previously been awarded grants from this call, a progress report must be attched for consideration of the new application.

The application must be submitted digitally. The online form will be available ​through KI Prisma during the application period, January 10 – 24, 2023. The application period opens at 10 am on January 10 and closes 2 pm on January 24.


Decision of grant will be taken by the Board of the Foundation. All applicants will be notified by e-mail in April.

Grant recipients must submit an annual financial and popular scientific report to the foundation concerning the sponsored research project during the grant period.


For this call we will want to have a short popular scientific report of approximately ½ A4 page and a short financial report, also about ½ A4 page, describing how you used the money. If you have not used the money at all during the disposition period, these should be returned to the Foundations and Funds.

Reports are submitted in August and September the year after you have been granted. You will receive an email notification from Foundations and Funds when it is time to report.


For questions regarding this call please e-mail: fonder@ki.se