KI Foundations & Donations: Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the calls from which you can apply for funding through the application portal.

General questions:

Who is eligible to apply?

The announcements for each call specify who is eligible to apply.

What language should I apply in?

Unless otherwise stated in the announcement, the application and any attachments may be in either Swedish or English.

How do I know that my application has been registered?

When you are ready with your application just click "skicka" (Send). After that you will get an e-mail. If you do not receive an e-mail, please log in and check to see whether you gave the right e-mail address. It is important to enter correct email address, since that communication regarding your application will be sent to your e-mail.

How do I review or make changes to my application?

You can make changes to your application as long as you just have "sparat" (save) your application. But when you have "skickat" (send) your application it is looked, however, you can unlock the application again and make changes, please do not forget to "submit" the application again.

What happens if my application is received too late?

The system shuts down and the announcement is removed from the portal at 2.00 pm on the day of the deadline. In other words, it is impossible to submit an application too late. We recommend to start with your application in good time and don't wait to submit your application until the last day.

What happens if my application is incomplete?

Incomplete applications are not processed.

Signing of your application

When the application period is over, your head of department will sign the application. All this happens automatically.

How do I find out the results?

All applicants will be notified by e-mail after decision has been taken by the Committee of Research.

When will I find out the results?

Each announcement states when the decision is expected to be made. And you will get the decision through Prisma.

How I will receive my money?

The money will be transferred to your department at Karolinska Institutet. Contact the administrative head of your department.

Travel grants:

What can I use the money for?

You may use the money for expenses associated with the trip you applied for. Note that INDI (indirect costs) will be withdrawn from the amount granted, according to the routines of your department.

You can find information about per diem and allowances here.

What should I do with the money if the trip i s cancelled?

If the trip for which you were granted is cancelled for some reason, you must repay the money to the Foundation Administration through your department.

Can I apply more than once?

You can apply for travel allowance as often as you like, but only submit one application per announcement period. In other words, you can be granted travel allowance more than once.

What are the assessment criteria?

Travel allowance for KI Travel Grant and Axel Hirsch Travel Grant

An electronic application, including supplementary documents, constitutes a complete application.

Incomplete applications are not processed.

Scores are distributed as follows:

Activity/purpose of the trip

4 points - Collaboration that affects the research and uses methodology that is unavailable in Sweden

3 points - Invitation to collaborate at another laboratory

2 points - Personal invitation to lecture or lead a symposium at a conference or meeting

1 points - Active participation in a conference or the equivalent, including a lecture on your own initiative

1 points - Course abroad relevant for PhD/postdoc projects.

0 points - Conference or other meeting without documented active participation

Relevance of the trip

1 points - Good

0 points - Less good

Academic title/position

3 points - Doctoral student who has passed the half-time control

2 points - Postdoc / Doctoral student who has NOT done half-time control

1 points - Assistant professor / Research specialist / Research Infrastructure specialist

0 points - Other position

For HIRSCH Travel grant

1 points - Completed medical degree at KI

0 points - Completed medical degree at another university

Maximum amount by destination from KI Travel Grant, not Hirsch Travel Grant

Europe SEK 10,000

Other countries SEK 17,000

Scores for activity and academic position are added together. Thus, the maximum score is 9 or 8.

Applications with 0 (zero) points for activity is given a total of 0 (zero).

Applications without any publications is given a total of 0 (zero) points, exemption application from the doctoral student, but there you have to send in at least one manuscript.

The applications with the highest scores are granted first, followed by those with the second highest scores, etc., until there is no more money to award. As a result, the applications are categorised by score as needed. If it is not possible to select applications from the final category, the amounts granted will be lowered for the score category in question.

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