Accessibility in your Canvas course

Join this course to find out how to make your Canvas course accessible to students.

Students studying together
Photo: Erik Flyg.

Are you providing students with an accessible Canvas course? What should you think about when planning for your modules and pages in Canvas? What about the files your upload? Do you meet accessibility requirements? Join the self-paced course "Accessibility in your Canvas" to find out how to make your Canvas course accessible to students and earn a badge in the process!

About the course

The course consists of an introductory module and three course modules with tips on how to create accessible courses in Canvas. In the last module we have summarized  the most important points with references to, among other things, legal texts and directives. The introductory module contains brief background material relating to people with functional diversity and includes links to KI web pages on targeted pedagogical support.

You can choose to browse through the pages in the order you prefer and complete the exercises when you have time. However, to obtain your digital certificate, you must meet all module requirements.