Material from Educators' Day 2023

On September 27th, 200 teachers and staff involved in education at KI gathered for Educators' Day. Here you will find pictures, material, and short interviews.

Photo: Teresa Duarte Alberto dos Santos.

At Educators' Day, nearly 200 people gathered at NEO (Flemingsberg) and an additional 60 joined digitally. Inspiring lectures, panel discussions, networking, and productive workshops took place in the afternoon, all under the theme "Teaching and Learning in a Changing World." Students were involved in check-in and photography throughout the day.

Thank you everyone who participated!

Here you can find material from the day and short interviews with some of the speakers.

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Intervju: Mike Sharples, The Open University, UK

Intervju: Carl Heath, RISE


Using critical thinking to navigate the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI)

Critical thinking is considered essential for supporting the development of responsible citizens who can reflect on, evaluate different perspectives, and understand the links between local and global events. Accordingly, critical thinking has become a key goal of higher education institutions across the world. Yet, it is unclear what and how instructional methods, learning outcomes, and types of evaluations will be relevant in supporting students’ critical thinking in post-covid societies in which new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are massively being developed and used by students. Can we develop critical thinking to support the responsible and relevant use of AI in higher education?

With Lisette Farias VeraAileen Bergström and Eric Asaba.

Planetary Health Report Card

Sustainable development, SDG's and planetary health. With Hanna KarlssonSara WidénCaisa LaurellKarin LeanderDaniel Doyon and Nikolaus Mezger.

(Presentation in English)

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