Pedagogical ambassadors in doctoral education 2024

The purpose with Pedagogical ambassadors is to stimulate pedagogical development in doctoral courses by financed time for pedagogical ambassadors, as well as the start-up of a pedagogical network in doctoral education.

Pedagogic ambassadors are expected to:

  • be able to lead pedagogical discussions, for example in seminar form.
  • be able to initiate and pursue pedagogical issues that are relevant to doctoral education.
  • lead one pedagogical development project during the project period.
  • support colleagues/"Critical friend" and spread good examples.
  • work for doctoral education at the entire KI level, not only for the research school / doctoral program with which they are affiliated.

A contact person assigned within the Teaching and learning unit at KI facilitate the collaboration within the group as well as with the pedagogical unit. Monthly meetings and round table discussions are the regular contact points, complemented with individual meetings between the ambassadors.

Pedagogical ambassadors 2024

Lucie Laflamme

Project: “What a kappa!”

Nicolas Ruffin

Project: “Supporting the Enhancement of Active Learning Activities and Formative Assessment in Doctoral Courses in Neuroscience“

Nicolas Ruffin

Senior Research Specialist

Manuel Zeitelhofer

Project: “Establishing and evaluating a PhD Study buddy pilot program”

Sylvie Le Guyader

Project: ” Evaluating the impact of pedagogy on the learning outcome of technological training at core facilities”

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Sylvie Le Guyader

Senior Research Infrastructure Specialist

Franziska Albrecht

Project: ”What makes a good journal club experience for PhD students?”

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Franziska Albrecht

Postdoctoral Researcher

Pedagogical ambassadors in doctoral education started as a project to develop and promote an educational culture in close partnership with doctoral programmes and research schools. During 2023, five Pedagogical ambassadors were selected and each pedagogical ambassador designed a development project in doctoral education at KI. Project Pedagogical ambassadors

The Pedagogic ambassador project is initiated and financed by the Committee for Doctoral education and the Course and programme committee.


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Gabrielle Paulsson-Berne

Unit for Teaching and Learning