Whiteboard camera: Logitech Scribe

Whiteboard camera for the hybrid, digital and analog classroom.

Photo: Samuel Lundberg.

How to use the whiteboard camera 

Logi Scribe is a whiteboard camera that can be helpful in the classroom by digitizing handwritten notes and enabling the enlargement of small and hard-to-read annotations on the board. Furthermore, it can also share this content synchronously with students participating remotely via tools such as Zoom. 

With Logi Scribe, you can easily magnify and clearly display what is on the whiteboard for all students, whether they are in the classroom or participating online. The camera boasts high resolution and optics that capture details with precision, making your notes and illustrations clear and easy to understand. While you write or draw on the board, your students participating via Zoom can see what you are doing in real-time.

This can make it easier to keep students engaged and involved in the lesson, even if they are not physically present. The arm that is writing is also visible in the image but only as a transparent outline. The person writing can thus stand in the way of the audience without obstructing the view of the board (assuming the board is displayed digitally).

Key take home messages

  • Logi Scribe is a whiteboard camera that facilitates communication and engagement in the digital teaching environment. 
  • It digitises handwritten notes and enables the enlargement of the whiteboard. It is particularly useful for synchronously sharing content with remote students.
  • It also helps on-site participants to see the content more clearly, larger, and without glare, using the room's installed display.
  • The camera has high-resolution optics and AI to make notes and illustrations clearer and more detailed. The camera can also digitise printed text and post-it notes attached to the whiteboard.
  • Online students can view real-time notes and drawings on the whiteboard, helping to keep them engaged.
  • Installation and use of Logi Scribe are user-friendly and uncomplicated, even for less technically experienced users.
  • It can be connected directly to the computer via USB or installed as part of a Zoom or Teams room.
  • Logi Scribe is available for order on Wisum.


  • One drawback is that the image displayed synchronously cannot be saved in any built-in way. Manual screenshot is required for that purpose.
  • Another drawback is the high price. You can achieve equally good or better digital display of the whiteboard with a modern smartphone on a tripod.
  • Sometimes, certain elements in the AI-generated image may "stick" even after erasing the ink from the whiteboard.
  • The reading surface is "only" 200x100 cm, which is relatively small considering the typical size of whiteboards.

Contact and support

Installing and using Logi Scribe is relatively straightforward, and the interface is designed to be user-friendly even for those with limited technical experience. It can be connected directly to a computer via USB or mounted as part of a Zoom or Teams room setup.

For further support and guidance to integrating Logitech Scribe into your teaching, contact Samuel Lundberg, Teaching and Learning.