Publish video

You can publish recorded material in Canvas and on KI Play. Which one you choose depends on the purpose, target audience and context of your film.

Photo: Storyblocks.

As an employee at KI you have access to the learning platform Canvas and to KI's media service KI Play. Choose where to publish your video depending on:

  • Purpose for the film 
  • Target audience 
  • The context in which it should be published


The learning platform Canvas is a good option when you want to publish teaching videos (such as lectures) for students. In Canvas you can upload videos, record videos and share videos with students and with other teachers in the course.

You can use video in various ways to promote learning, such as providing feedback on an assignment via video, instead of text.

KI Play

KI Play is KI's media service for publishing videos. Here you can store and share movies, as well as audio. You can link directly to a video that you publish, or embed it on a page. You can make settings for how your video is published: openly or for a specific audience. You are the owner of your videos and need to give permissions to colleagues who should also be able to share a link to your videos.

Videos published on KI Play, even unlisted ones, are considered public and need to be accessible, which means they need to have captions


Accessible teaching

Teaching and education should be accessible for all students at KI. Accessible teaching

Accessibility in digital environments

Here you can find a toolkit about Accessibility in digital environments.

Permission and copyright

Permission and copyright are important to consider when publishing videos.

Any identifiable person appearing in a KI video must be asked for and give their consent to the participation. Checklist for KI videos