Life cycle management service for computers

This service makes it possible to get a new computer with a fixed monthly cost during 36 month, instead of buying a new one in Wisum. This service entails advantages for the climate, environment and economy.

About the Life cycle management service 

You can choose between one of the PC or MAC computers that the IT Office has certified for the Karyon client platform and have the computer for 36 months. After 36 month your computer will be automatically replaced with a new one.

As the service is based on efficient life cycle management of the hardware, this means that the cost over the 36 months will be lower than buying and writing off the computer during the same period. We also contribute to major benefits for the environment and the climate.

Advantages for economy, climate and environment

With help from an experienced partner who provides efficient processes for life cycle management and reuse of IT equipment, we not only keep down the total cost of acquiring computer hardware.

Acquiring computers in this way, as previously mentioned, also provides significant benefits for the climate and the environment and is part of KI's work to achieve the goals set for sustainable development in KI's strategy 2030.

Reuse and recycling - profit for climate and environment 

  • Computers are returned to the supplier after 36 months where they are reconditioned and can then be reused by other organizations that do not make the same demands on performance and reliability.
  • Computers or other IT equipment that cannot be used are recycled according to environmentally certified processes, which means that the material can be used in new manufacturing.

Do you have questions about the service Life cycle management for computers?

Welcome to contact IT Support by create a new ticket on KI IT Selfservice and we will contact you.