KI Travel Grant 2024 (period 1) incl digital arrangements

Karolinska Institutet hereby invites applications for funding from the KI Travel Grant.


Applications are invited from registered doctoral students or affiliated researchers at Karolinska Institutet (KI). Priority is given to those who apply for a grant to visit institutions abroad for the purpose of learning new methods and/or working on a collaborative project. Doctoral students and postdocs are prioritized.

The following conditions applies:

  • Grants can be applied for for both physical travel and for digital events, such as conferences or courses that are given virtually. The same conditions apply to digital events as to physical travel.
  • The trip must be related to active participation in a conference, course or the like (poster or oral presentations, learning or developing methods, etc.) or other activities such as exchange, visiting laboratories etc.
  • The allowance may not be used for any other trip than the one applied for. If the allowance could not be used, it should be paid back.
  • You can not apply for costs paid by the organizer, such as conference fees or paid travel or hotel room when you are invited as a lecturer.
  • Budget, complete budget where indirect costs must also be stated.
  • The amount applied for must be based on the lowest ticket fare available at the time of travel (see KI’s guidelines for travel at Travel Expenses)
  • Only one application per person and application period may be registered.

Period of travel

The traveling period must be between April 1 – September 30, 2024.


Maximum amount for KI Travel Grant in Europe is 10,000 SEK and for other countries 17,000 SEK per person. For digital events, the maximum amount is 8,000 SEK. If there are many applicants you can get a lower amount than the maximum amount and you can never get more than the requested amount.

KI Travel Grant have a very high search pressure of approximately 150-300 applications per period, which means that the grant rate is between 40-50 % per period.


The application must be submitted digitally. The online form will be available through KI Prisma during the application period, January 9 – 23, 2024. The application period opens at 10 am on January 9 and closes 2 pm on January 23.


Decision of grant will be taken by the Committee of Research. All applicants will be notified by e-mail in March.

Evaluation criteria

See FAQ for detailed information on the evaluation criteria.


Application forms are to be accompanied by one or more of the following documents:

  1. Abstract (compulsory for applicants going to a conference to present an abstract).
  2. Confirmation that an abstract has been submitted or accepted (compulsory for applicants going to a conference to present an abstract).
  3. Personal invitation to a congress or institution (compulsory for applicants invited to a conference as chairperson, lecturer, etc., or to a institution or lab).
  4. Course program and a certificate of either application or confirmed course participation should be attached (compulsory for those seeking grants for course)
  5. For doctoral students a letter from the supervisor confirming the purpose of the trip, and the role of the applicant on this trip. For those who have passed half-time control, the confirmation letter should also certify this alternatively an extract from Ladok must be attached.

Note that you should not add co-applicants to this call.


After the end of the term, you have to login to Prisma and confirm whether you have used the money, or at least have started using the money, or not. If you have not used the money at all during the disposition period, these should be returned to the Foundations & Donations.

Reports are submitted via Prisma about 12 months after the money has been paid, except for travel benefits where reporting takes place approximately one month after the end of the term. You will receive an email notification when it is time to report.


For questions regarding this call please e-mail: