Support & Service available to Biomedicum staff

Support and service providers available to Biomedicum staff are listed on this page.

Café Biomedicum

Café Biomedicum is open on weekdays between 08:00 and 16:00

Solnavägen 9
171 65 Solna


To order fika, simple and/or exclusive catering, you can either order online or

call: +46 (0)8-524 877 19 or +46 (0)8-524 877 71

Drop box for samples of sequencing

Eurofins Genomics has arranged for a drop box to be installed in the building where you can drop you samples for sequencing.

It is located next to the reception desk on floor 3, and will be emptied Monday through Friday at 15:00.

Dry ice deliveries

Pellets will be delivered every Tuesday and blocks will be delivered every Monday and Thursday.

The containers are located on floor 2.

Facility Management Group

The Facility Management team is responsible for the infrastructure and service in Biomedicum, providing coordination, initiation, monitoring and performance of the shared facilities and features in the building. The Organisation will actively contribute to improve the environment for core business performance in order to achieve business goals and visions.

Lunchrooms available for celebrations and festivities after working hours

The lunchrooms located on floor 4 and 10 can be booked for celebrations and other festivities after working hours, i.e. after 17:00.

Please note that no external guests are allowed.

Contact FM Helpdesk for more information and booking.


We use pre-printed envelopes with barcodes for outgoing mail. For any other type of packaging, where pre-printed barcodes are not available, for instance, padded envelopes, separate barcode labels are to be used.

Envelopes with barcodes are placed in the box for outgoing mail in your quarter niches. Please note these envelopes are not to be placed in a regular mailbox They are only valid on Campus Solna and Flemingsberg.

  • A letter with printed barcodes may weigh a maximum of 2 kg. Heaver shipments should be sent as parcels.
  • To send parcels, contact the procured transport company Your Special Delivery Service
  • Mass mailing is paid for by each project - make sure to always send a project number to before making any mass mailing.

New framework agreement for courier services and transport of dangerous goods

A quick guide to the companies KI can use (without ranking)


KI has a specific customer number for all departments. Specify name of department and your ZZ-code.

Customer service: +46 (0)8-518 004 00


World Courier

KI has a specific customer number for all departments. Specify no 15981 and your ZZ-code.

Customer service: +46 (0)8-594 414 80


Marken (UPS)

KI has a specific customer number for all the departments. Specify no se451 and your ZZ-code.

Customer service: +46 (0)8-594 414 20



KI has a specific customer number for all the departments. Specify no 83 85 27 amd upir ZZ-code. If you need a personal login, please contact customer service.

Sending business package

Customer service: +46 (0)77-570 00 00


Cargo Log

KI has a specific customer number for all the departments. Specify name of department and your ZZ-code.

Customer service: +46 (0)8-594 500 62



Contact or FM Helpdesk

Sending business packages or recommended letters

In collaboration with PostNord, we can help you send your business package and/or recommended letters.

Leave your business package or recommended letter to FM personnel at the goods reception and we will handle the rest. Please note that if you are sending a package outside of the EU, it is your responsibility to take care of the required customs declaration.

Remember to bring any necessary information including project number (for charging of the cost).

For packages/parcels containing pharmaceutical and biological samples, dry ice etc., you will still need to use the appropriate procured companies.

Operating times for the coffee machines in Biomedicum

The coffee machines in the lunchrooms on levels 4-10 are available between 06:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Friday, and are switched off at other times.

Please note that the coffee machines located in the alcoves outside each quarter are open 24/7.

Package service

There is a package service area located on floor 2 (B section) with material necessary for wrapping parcels to be sent off by mail.

You will also find a machine to laminate paper, so all you need is your own laminating paper.

Printing of posters for research groups

Do you need help to print posters for your research group? FM can help!

We can help you print posters up to 1067 mm wide and as long as you want.

The price is SEK 300 up to A0.

  • Send your order via FM Helpdesk, mentioning the size of the poster, clearly stating your name, delivery address and project number.
  • Include original in pdf- format. Make sure your image is of suffiently high quality and resolution.
  • The printing job will take 2 days


The reception is located at the main entrance, Solnavägen 9, floor 3.

Opening hours:

+46 (0)8- 524 864 00

If you forget your access card at home, go to the reception and you will receive a temporary one, valid during the day.

If you are a visiting researcher, a contractor or other, who need access for a few days, you will receive a temporary access card.


Städgladen is Karolinska Institutet's cleaning service provider. In addition to regular cleaning, Städgladen also offers extra cleaning of your office or after gatherings or events. If you have any comments or would like to book extra cleaning, please contact FM Helpdesk (contact person is Boje Persson).