Support & Service available to Biomedicum staff ( A-Z )

Support and service providers available to Biomedicum staff are listed on this page (A-Z).


Information about access to Biomedicum here

Autoclaving facility/service

Information about Autoclaving facility/service

Bicycle garage

In order to preserve good order and make space for as many bicycles as possible, the rules needs to be followed:

  • The bicycle garage is intended only for those who have their physical workplace in Biomedicum.
  • The bicycle garage may only be used for temporary storage of your bike, i.e. over the day or until the next day.
  • No longterm parking is allowed.
  • The bicycle should be placed in a bicycle rack. It is forbidden to park bikes along the wall, in the corridor or by the doors since this might obstruct evacuation routes.
  • If the garage is full there are other bicycle parkings on campus, for instance outside the Biomedicum entrances at Solnavägen 7 and 9.

The door leading from the bicycle garage in to floor 2 will be locked between:

  • Weekdays, i.e. Monday through Friday between 19:00-06:00
  • Weekends, i.e. Friday from 19:00 to Monday 06:00

If the door is locked you will need to use the main entrance on floor 3 or the entrance at Solnavägen on floor 1, 5 to access Biomedicum.

Report any defects or malfunctions to FM Helpdesk.

Book a meeting room

Read about how to book a meeting room here

Café Biomedicum

Café Biomedicum is open on weekdays between 08:00 and 16:00

Solnavägen 9
171 65 Solna


To order fika, simple and/or exclusive catering, you can order online or

call: +46 (0)8-524 877 19 or +46 (0)8-524 877 71

Coffee machines

FM refill coffee, milk and other supplies. And the machines are cleaned daily.

Common and core facilities

Read about common and core facilities in Biomedicum here

Dark rooms

Information about Dark Rooms

Dishwashing facility

Information about Dishwashing facility

Drop box for samples of sequencing

Eurofins Genomics has arranged for a drop box to be installed in the building where samples for sequencing can be dropped off.

It is located next to the reception desk on floor 3, and will be emptied Monday through Friday at 15:00.

Dry ice 

Pellets and block of dry ice will be delivered twice a week. 

The containers for dry ice are located on floor 2.

FM does not provide the building with ordinary ‘wet’ ice. 

Faculty club and lunchrooms 

The Faculty Club and lunchrooms are located on floor 4 and 10, and can be booked for celebrations and other festivities after working hours, i.e. after 17:00.

Please note that no external guests are allowed.

Contact the reception at floor 3 or send an email to for more information and booking.


Fresh fruit can be ordered at a procured company. FM will deliver the fruit baskets to your quarter. 

Remember to return empty fruit baskets to floor 2 (outside of room A0262), and to cancel the fruit delivery during longer holidays.

Gas storage room

Information about Gas storage room

Lecture Halls and mingle area, floor 3

Lost and found

If you have forgotten something in Biomedicum or find something lost, contact the reception floor 3. Clothes and valuables are handed in and stored by the security guards. Found / forgotten things are stored for 2 months.

Low temperature freezer storage facility

Low temperature freezer storage facility


Pre-printed envelopes with barcodes are used for outgoing mail. For any other type of packaging, where pre-printed barcodes are not available, for instance, padded envelopes, separate barcode labels are to be used.

Envelopes with barcodes are placed in the box for outgoing mail in your quarter niches. Please note these envelopes are not to be placed in a regular mailbox They are only valid on Campus Solna and Flemingsberg.

  • A letter with printed barcodes may weigh a maximum of 2 kg. Heaver shipments should be sent as parcels.
  • To send parcels, contact the procured transport company Your Special Delivery Service
  • Mass mailing is paid for by each project - make sure to always send a project number to before making any mass mailing.

Incoming and outgoing mail (internally and externally) is left/picked up daily in every quarter.
Contact FM Helpdesk if you have any questions or need a refill with envelopes for internal mail or A4 and A5 KI-envelopes.
The coworkers in every quarter are responsible for updating the names on the shelves for incoming mail. 

More information Interposten (mail service at KI) is available on the Staff portal (in Swedish).

Poster printer

FM prints posters on request and delivers to the desired internal address or they can be collected from the 2nd floor (room A0262).

The cost is 300 per poster (sizes up to A0). Ordering must be done in the correct format (pdf). Orders are placed at least two days in advance via FM helpdesk. Add name, quarter and project number.


The printers are installed with FollowMePrint which means all printers have a card reader where you identify yourself with your KI Access card and actively select what you want to print on a touch screen.

Read more about FollowMePrint & how to set a default printer

Connect your card to the printer

You will have to connect your card to the printer the first time you print. When you have connected your card, you can use all printers in ANA Futura.

Guide for connecting your card and using the printer (pdf)

Toners and paper for the printers

FM replace toners and refill paper when needed.

Quarter representatives in Biomedicum

Here you will find a list of the quarter representatives in Biomedicum. The quarter representatives will function as a contact person from the Facility Management unit to the rest of the quarter.

Radioactive facilities

Information about Radioactive facilities


The reception in Biomedicum and Aula Medica is operated by the Property and Facilities Office at the Central Administration.
The receptions will be staffed by Avarn.

Opening hours

Weekdays between 07:00-16:00


  • Provides service to employees, internal and external guests, by answering questions about Biomedicum, referring to the right person or premises.
  • Manages permissions, entrance cards, temporary passes for visitors
  • Contacts FM in case of emergency
  • Book the Faculty Club, lunch rooms, mingle area on floor 3 (in consultation with KI, the Faculty Club  and supplier exhibitions
  • Provide service to employees in Biomedicum by helping to report new issues or following up on any reported issues in the FM Helpdesk system

If you forget your access card at home, go to the reception and you will receive a temporary one, valid during the day.

If you are a visiting researcher, a contractor or other, who need access for a few days, you will receive a temporary access card.

Phone: +46 (0)8-524 864 00

Patrolling security person/guard (Avarn) available 24/7: +46 (0)8-524 864 47.

Room for handling CMR-classified chemicals

Information about Room for handling CMR-classified chemicals

Skyway and Culvert connecting Biomedicum to BioClinicum

Read about the skyway and culvert connecting BIomedicum to Bioclinicum here


Supply Center 

Here you will find  information about the Supply Center in Biomedicum.

The work shop

The work shop is located on floor 2, room A0262. FM performs simple repairs and smaller technical work work here, and provides for example screws and fuses. Outside of the work shop you can find various tools for lending.

Transport of dangerous goods

Contact for more information about transport of dangerous goods  or which courier services that should be used.

Waste handling

Read about waste handling in Biomedicum here