Certificate of Service and Testimonial

An employee who terminate their employment can obtain a certificate of service or a testimonial. On this page you will find information about certificates and testimonials, as well as a form for the immediate manager or a superior manager when issuing a testimonial.

If an employee has been employed at KI for more than 6 months and resign from his or her employment, the employee’s immediate manager or a superior manager can issue a testimonial upon request from the employee. If the duration of the employment is less than 6 months, a certificate of service can be issued instead.

A certificate of service contains information regarding the employee’s current- and previous employment history. A testimonial contains information about the requirements for the employment, a statement regarding the employee’s workmanship and how well the employee has handled his or her work assignment, as well as the same information provided in a certificate of service.

Certificates of service are issued by HR at relevant department. Form is found in Primula.

See form for testimonials separately.


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