Your contact person at the IT Office | BRM Group

The Business Relationship Manager (BRM) group works with business relations at KI. It is part of the service unit at the central IT Office. Members of the group is your point of contact at the IT Office, to whom departments, research groups or units can address their requests for technical solutions or services.

What do we offer? 

You are always welcome to get in touch with your contact person. We can help by offering technical solutions to your needs or helping you get in touch with the right person within the IT Office. 

We are always happy to discuss your needs to ensure that ITA offers standardized, and well-defined services to the organisation and its employees. If we are unable to provide the solution or service today, your needs are taken to an expert group that recommends how to proceed. We ensure that the services you have ordered are delivered as planned, with quality and within the agreed timeframe. 

Information via different meetings and newsletters 

All departments, including the Central Administration (UF), has a designated contact person. The contact person has regular meetings with the Head of Administration at the department to inform about future changes, disruptions in the IT environment, as well as new services offered by the IT Office.

Whenever there is a launch of new services or if there are major changes that will affect staff at KI, we will organise information meetings.

Contact us

Contact information to the BRM group 

Responsible for UF, MHK, UL, KIB, MTC, MBB, FyFa, Neuro, CMB and IMM

Responsible for NVS, BioNut, Dentmed, KI SÖS, LABMED, MedH, CLINTEC, UoL and KM

John Mårtensson

Systems manager

Responsible for LIME, KI DS, MMK, MedS, KBH, OnkPat, CNS, GPH, MWLC, MEB and external companies

Alex Gatica

Systems manager

We are currently working with several solutions that will be launched during the year. Find more information about ongoing projects at the IT Office.