KIIP - integration platform of Karolinska Institutet

KIIP is KI's integration platform that connects information from different systems and makes it visible on a common platform. The service can be used for various projects within KI's operations.

KIIP contributes to flexibility by reducing dependence on suppliers for development and reducing the effect of ongoing system changes. An integration platform also provides better monitoring and measurability and reduces the risk of knowledge being stuck with individual employees or with external suppliers.

For whom is the service suitable?

Employees who need to integrate information between two or more internal and/or external systems that need to communicate continuously with each other through API, file transfer or such.

Included in the service

  • Architectural and design review of needs.
  • Solution proposal with an estimated cost of the integration.
  • Development of a service with secure transfers.
  • Monitoring and support of integration in production.

Important to know about the service

Development effort is always needed for a new integration. Contact the service manager in good time if a new integration needs to be developed. Preferably before a system that requires the integration is purchased.

  1. Contact is made with the service manager for KIIP.
  2. Validations and prerequisites are made if the integration fits in KIIP.
  3. If the integration in KIIP suits, an order must be made. The order form must be filled out and sent to the Service manager.
  4. A solution proposal, timetable and price proposal are drawn up and presented.
  5. Development of the integration.
  6. Integration contracts are signed, and the integration goes into production.


Development of new integration: an estimate is included when the proposed solution is presented (one-off cost).

Ongoing charges: calculated according to the complexity of the integration.


For support, create a helpdesk ticket at KI IT Selfservice, add the subject "KIIP integration".

Order form KIIP (Swedish)

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