Contact and support for KI RIMS

If you have questions about KI RIMS contact the University Library, KIB. There are several instructions on how to manage and edit your information in KI RIMS, please start by looking at them.

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If you have questions about KI RIMS, you are welcome to contact the University Library, which handles all incoming cases.

If you have questions about how to manage and edit your information in KI RIMS, we recommed that you start by looking at the instructions.

If you discover that something is wrong with the data on your profile, for example, if you have received double records imported on a publication you are welcome to use the form for reporting errors in the system.

University Library, KIB

Presentations and workshops

We regularly organise workshops on how to use KI RIMS, focusing on different parts of the system. These are good opportunities to get a better understanding of the system and to ask questions. For those who want to get a more basic understanding of the system, we have recorded an introductory film.

More training sessions and workshops will be offered continuously. Keep an eye on the KI calendar!

Interested in an introduction to KI RIMS for your group?

If you are responsible for a department/division/group and would like us to come and tell you about KI RIMS contact and we will try to arrange a meeting.

At such an event, we can start from your questions and talk about how KI RIMS can benefit you.

For more concrete training opportunities, we currently refer to our planned workshops for researchers and PhD students.

KI RIMS Panel 

Do you want to influence the work with KI RIMS? Join the KI RIMS panel! The purpose of the panel is to bring together stakeholders and users for collaboration, dialogue and joint development of KI RIMS.

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