KI RIMS Realisation project 2024

KI:s new research information system KI RIMS was launched in the autumn of 2023. Work on the system will continue in project form during 2024. The realisation project is divided into six different sub-projects that will work on fulfilling the various project goals during the year.

Overall project objectives 

  • Finalise selected activities that were de-prioritised in the previous project.  
  • Investigate new opportunities for the system and develop a basis for future choices. 
  • Enable a transition to stable management within the Digitization Portfolio in 2025.

Time frame

The project runs between 15 January and 1 December 2024.

Project organisation

The project organisation consists of participants from the University Library (KIB), the IT Department, the Communications Department and the Research Support Office. The project is led by a central project team consisting of Emma Almroth (project manager), Malin Essén and Sara Janzen from KIB.

The project works in different ways with stakeholders and users both researchers and administration staff to discuss and test different possibilities and solutions. A KI RIMS panel has been established for collaboration, dialogue and joint development of KI RIMS. 

Project steering group 

Sofie Albinsson Cantwell, University Library (KIB) 
Björn Andersson, CMB, departmental group KI Solna & member KF
Anna Krook, FyFa, departmental group KI Solna
Johan Lundström, CNS, departmental group KI Nord
Olav Rooijackers, CLINTEC, departmental group KI Syd
Björn Kull, Research Support Office 
Jill Jönsson, Communication and Public Relations Office
Johanna Bäckström, HR Office
Fredrik von Feilitzen, Information Technology Office 

Sub projects

The realisation project has 33 sub-objectives which are divided into six sub projects. The work in the sub projects is driven by delivery managers together with the central project team.

System documentation

In cooperation with the management organisation, define the scope and format of the KI RIMS system documentation for the different system components. Ensure that the documentation is clear and up-to-date. 
Sven Österberg
Alexander Berggren

Filter based search function & content

Complete the initiated filter search on and ensure that the data in KI RIMS is findable for both internal and external users on 
Jenny Hermansson
Emma Almroth

Change management

Develop and implement a change management strategy that supports the system's impact objectives, with regular follow-ups and actions to address any upcoming deviations.
Malin Essén 
Sara Janzen

Investigate data sources and system components

Produce decision support with a summary of the current situation, needs and proposals for solutions regarding data sources and system components in KI RIMS with a focus on improving data quality, coverage and usability. 
Malin Essén 
Emma Almroth 

Development and configuration

Adjust existing integrations and develop new ones as needed to achieve impact goals. 
Sven Österberg 
Alexander Berggren 
Catharina Rehn 

Establish governance

Create clarity on how the governance of KI RIMS will work within the Digitization portfolio, identify and implement the necessary preparations for a smooth handover.
Sara Janzen 
Sofie Albinsson Cantwell 

Governance of KI RIMS

KI RIMS is in operation since October 2023. The management is run by KIB and also consists of representatives from the IT department, the communication department and the Research Support Office (RSO). From 2025, KI RIMS will be managed within the framework of KI's Digitization portfolio. 


KI's Research Information Management System, KI RIMS, is a strategic initiative within the programme "Information management at KI". The system is complex with many stakeholders and the work has been ongoing in different projects since 2020. At System support for research information you can read more about previous projects. 

  • The work began with a pre-study in 2020-2021.
  • The steering committee for Information Management at KI decided to carry out a procurement of a Research Information Management System (RIMS) based on the preparatory work.

The project focused on adjust the selected system to KI's specific conditions and existing information systems during the period September 2022 to April 2023.

  • The year was dedicated to the implementation, further development and stabilisation of the system.
  • The project team collaborated with different parts and groups within KI trough dialogue and testing to ensure optimal functionality in accordance with business needs.
  • To support the users and ensure a smooth transition to the new system, a structured support activity was planned and established via User Support at KIB: 
  • At the end of the project, the responsibility for the daily operation and maintenance of the system is handed over to a governance organisation at KIB. The object for KI:s central website will be responsible for the governance of the operational parts related to data sent to via Solr. 

Achieving the system's impact goals and ensuring the transition to a stable governance within the Digitization portfolio requires the implementation of several activities in 2024. These include both planned activities that for various reasons were not carried out in the implementation project, as well as new needs. Some of these activities will be integrated into the current governance, while the more complex and time-consuming actions will be handled within the framework of the KI RIMS Realisation Project 2024.


Want to know more about the project? Do not hesitate to contact project manager Emma Almroth or the contact persons for each subproject. Do you want to be involved in influencing the work with KI RIMS? Join the KI RIMS panel

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Emma Almroth

Project Manager