IT Research support

Here you can read more about the IT research support at the IT Office.

The function IT research support was launched to better meet researchers' needs for IT support, as these needs do not always map to existing services at ITA.

The function is under construction and currently consists of one full-time employee, but the ambition is to grow over time. Future competencies could include, for example, statisticians, database- or application experts.

What could you, as a researcher, get assistance with?

The service manager can support you with, for example, needs gathering and advice to identify if existing services at ITA may be relevant or if other solutions need to be implemented.

The IT research support is also represented in the Research Support Office (RSO), which enables the departments to offer effective support to the core activities together.

The future of IT research support

The function currently works with support and advice for ongoing research projects. KI is also the chairman of a newly formed national network for IT research support, which now consists of about 15 universities.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Service Manager Mikael Carp.

Mikael Carp

Systems manager
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