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Information for administrative and HR staff about how processes and systems are managed within the HR area.

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Rules and guidelines within HR

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Affiliation - Rules and guidelines Agreement on fixed-term employment of adjunct teachers Appointment procedure for teachers at Karolinska Institutet Instructions regarding appointments procedure for teachers at Karolinska Institutet Business Travel Code of Conduct Compensation for overriding KI appointments Conflict of interest Co-operation agreement,local Co-operation agreement, local - appendix 1 Co-operation agreement, local - appendix 2 Co-operation agreement, local - appendix 3 Co-operation agreement, local - appendix 4 Discrimination harassment and victimisation - Guidelines Employeeship Employment after the right to remain employed is no longer valid - Rules Equal Treatment, guidelines and Action plan for Function and composition of the Department Council Instructions for contract drafting Leadership guidelines Local term agreement at KI Minors at KI - rules Official entertainment and gifts Partial pension - Rules Payments/grants to non-employees Personnel handbook Postdoc, temporary employment Regulatory Framework for the Digital Processing of Protected Personal Data Work-oriented rehabilitation - Guidelines Rehabilitation work – Manager and HR checklist Representations and gifts Rules and instructions concerning the recruitment of heads of department Salary as a management tool Salary exchange for pensions - rules and guidelines Scholarship rules Secondary occupations Teaching salary for external teachers Telecommunications equipments Teleworking Trainee jobs Travel regulations (section 5) Visual aid at work - Rules Work environment and health